Sunday, November 19, 2017

Quick hop to WRO LO3847 & LO3860

After the trip to Frankfurt time came to realize the last segment of my ticket, the short hop to Wrocław. Why? For the fun and for the M&M segment. So the day after the return from Frankfurt I hop on the evening flight to Wrocław, fly, wait 3,5 hours for the last flight of the day/read/take a couple of photos and return to Warsaw. Both flight: a quite usual Dash commute from A to B. Not much to say about them. One thing was that I got to fly on the last "untouched" Q400 in the fleet (EQE) so now I did sit on board each Q400 flying for LOT (and previously Eurolot).

22 May 2017
LO3847 (1640-1725) WAW-WRO
SP-EQI Bombardier Q400

22 May 2017
LO3860 (2105-2200) WRO-WAW
SP-EQE Bombardier Q400

Wrocław downtown during approach

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

LOT Boeing 737-400 post retrofit experience (LO380 FRA-WAW) 2017.05.21

After an entire day of spotting (second in FRA) it was time to return back home. Having plenty of time to my flight I used the final energy reserves for a walk around to perhaps get some through window shots, but I've shown these in the link above. Here I wanted to focus on the plane. It was going to be the 737-400 and my first journey on it after the interior has been changed. (Here the pre-retrofit version)

21 May 2017
LO380 (1950-2135) FRA-WAW
SP-LLF Boeing 737-400

We've been taken to the aircraft by bus, the flight is half full so there is plenty of free space on board. I take my seat in row 13 by the window and wait for the departure. Plenty of legroom here (emergency exit right by my side) but other, "standard" rows aren't bad either. Power sockets are available throughout the entire plane and the new seats are much thinner than the previous ones. They are the same as on the 738. A good choice for a ~2h flight. Decent quality and comfort. A thing that I miss are moveable headrests but that will change with the arrival of the 737 MAX. You just can't like the good ol' classic 737s' and in the new interior they are a real good hard product to fly on. The lav is refreshed as well.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Frankfurt spotting EDDF/FRA day 2, 2017.05.21

After the first day of spotting, a short night, the second and last day came. Early morning wake-up call in order to get some shots of the morning arrivals. We had a flight later in the evening so we wanted to use as much of the day as possible. The morning was chilly, which compared to the heat we got later during the day was a very nice thing. Our main goals for the day were the retro planes that we didn't manage to catch the day before, as well as the MD11s. Despite the heat, the limited amount of  combinations available I am happy with the results. We changed our location a couple of time and after ANA 777 BB8 c/s arrived we headed to give back our car and wait for the flight, hence the couple pictures from the terminal. After a long and exhausting day we later boarded the half empty flight to Warsaw. Overall, very well spent two days at FRA!


Monday, October 23, 2017

Frankfurt spotting EDDF/FRA day 1, 2017.05.20

After arriving earlier that morning from Warsaw, together with a friend first we walked to the hotel, left our unnecessary belongings in our room and got picked up by different friends (who arrived in Frankfurt the day before). Later on all of us moved to the first location. There was a plan for both days at FRA (3 days for some). The main goal being undeniably the MD-11F of Lufthansa Cargo. My personal small goals? Basically almost everything else. From the Lufthansa 747s and A380 via Asian carriers to such cargo companies as Saudia Cargo, Air Bridge Cargo or Asiana Cargo. In fact the majority of traffic was nice, all the 747s, 767s, 777s, 787s, some A330s, A350, A380s and so on, and so on. Companies and liveries very different to those seen in Warsaw. What we didn't manage during the first day we left ourselves for the second. The weather could have been better, but it wasn't tragic. A long day, a short night later on with an early morning wake-up call. All well worth the effort!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

LOT Boeing 737-800 experience (LO381 WAW-FRA) 2017.05.20

20 May 2017
LO381 (0745-0945) WAW-FRA
SP-LWA Boeing 737-800

On a trip to Frankfurt on board the newest addition to the LOT fleet. The Boeing 737-800. The load on that flight wasn't great thus I was able to walk freely and sit both in the front and at the back. The seats on the plane are exactly the same like on the 734 after their retrofit. The seats are quite comfy, but unfortunately don't have an adjustable headrest, which is a minus. Only the front rows have power sockets (the 734 has them in all rows). With a Y186 configuration it is pretty dense, but you don't get a cramped feeling. Service is basic. Overall I'd say a pretty good product as for the times. LOT did a nice job with choosing the seats (I must also add that the backrest is adjustable). A next change in quality is said to come with the MAX, soon. Can't wait to see what it will be. I must say that LOT did do its homework well and can compete on an equal level with others.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

EPWA 2017.05.17 RNAF DC10

A rare visit of the Royal Netherlands Air Force DC10 Tanker in Warsaw. A type rarely seen lately in Europe. Luckily it did give Warsaw and opportunity to listen and see it one more time.


Friday, September 8, 2017

EPWA 2017.05.05 Qatari

A delegation from Qatar visited Warsaw. They came on three planes, an A310, an A340, and A319CJ a 747-8. During their departure also the usual scheduled Qatar A330 departed for Doha. The first plan was to catch the 747 departing from runway 33 and then quickly shift for the rest of departures from 29. That's the reason for the shots of the 787s. Unluckily they decided to taxi at once, both the A310 and 748. A quick decision and I move for the A310 departure so I can only watch the 748 taxiing away. The sun did play some nice tones later during the day. In fact not the shots I wanted to get but I did take the risk being fully aware of what can go wrong.


Sunday, September 3, 2017

EPWA 2017.04.27

Just some simple shots with the hope of getting some water spraying action. But the heat haze won with me.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Double Jumbo (LY, AI) 2017.04.26

Two Jumbos almost one after the other. Not a daily sight in Warsaw. An El Al Israel and a Air India plane arrive in Warsaw.